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In which Ukrainian city live best brides!

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If you plan to date or marry Ukrainian girl you should know in which city to look for a perfect girl. Because Ukraine is a big country and girls from different parts of Ukraine are different.

Now things that you should know.

Usually you can see 4 types of girls in Ukraine:

- A girl from eastern Ukraine

- A girl from western Ukraine

- A girl from  southern Ukraine

And you probably already guessed it will be a girl from… 

-Central Ukraine. I dont really know if there are girls from Northern Ukraine because they seem same as girls from central Ukraine.


Also I would emphasise the difference between City girls and Village girls in Ukraine.


So lets begin with the girl from eastern Ukraine:


Since there are not many people left in Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine we just have to count as eastern Ukraine cities like Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv. Kharkiv is a city of rich people. Many girls from Kharkiv are spoiled and have high demands. Most of them dont accept any rules and were taught to break them. Zaporizhzhya and Dnipro a little different but all around the same. 


Lets slowly move to Odesa and Mikolaiv. Those cities are on south of Ukraine. Those are actually most popular fiancee cities! Most of foreigners travel to these two cities to meet a perfect girlfriend. And often its a BIG mistake! I guess at first this was a good plan, I mean like 15 years ago. But when girls from this cities understood how popular their cities are, most made many plans how to use men, who come to meet a girlfriend. If you want to have fun, girls in this cities will happily help you with that! They know 1000 and 1 way to have fun and spend lots of money. 


Western Ukraine:


You probably have heard a lot about western Ukraine. It is pure Ukrainian culture and atmosphere of real traditions and Ukrainian language. And girls are very different there. They are more responsive, kind, conscientious and responsible. They were raised in good traditions and they like the rules, they are very patriotic. Maybe because they live closer to European countries, who knows, but I guess they are more European. 


Now central Ukraine:


I would say its a mix of all the other parts of Ukraine. There you can meet good girls, who were raised to be great mothers, wives, cooks and hostesses. But also you can meet a spoiled, selfish girl,  who cares only about money and her nails. You know what I mean. 

But there is one things! Girls from village! 

If a girl grew up in a village, not in a big city, she is definitely not spoiled and not selfish!! She might turn into one after several years living in a city but until then she is so innocent and naive, a pure flower that needs to be watered. 


I saw several transformations of village girls into city chicks.

There was a girl, who’s name was Marina. She came to the city from village and her friend brought her to my agency to register her profile on a dating website. Marina said she wanted to meet a foreigner and marry. I still remember how pretty and naive she was. She was 20 years old, red head, did not put any make up on her face, did not wear any fancy clothes. She was very modest and sweet. She did not care about brands, styles, expensive devices. Talking to her was a pleasure. Her innocent eyes that were trying to absorb all possible knowledge about life. To be honest, even I could fall in love with her. 

Several men got interested in her and she started feeling confident. City life started slowly changing her, when she decided to take part in every city event. She learned a few new skills in a beauty world. She became a make up artist and eventually even a hairdresser. A man she started talking to on the website fell in love with a different Marina. He saw how she started changing. She started wearing heavy make up, extended her hair, she bought a last model of iPhone and of course she wanted more! Just a man was not enough for her anymore. She wanted a business man now. Slowly even my interest in her began to decrease. Sadly, she did not find her happiness till now. Usually such girls dont find happiness unless they get back to being simple as they were. Usually such girls sell themselves for fancy photos in fancy places with rich men. But if you want to be with such girl then look for a girl from a big city! She should have fancy model photos, wear lots of make up, have her hair extended and long nails with manicure. 


So summing up all of the above you can see that first of all you should realise what you want. Do you want a simple, modest, quiet girl or you want a fancy city chick with long nails. Do you want real love and romance or do you want to have fun? All of this variables are important when you start to look for a girl in Ukraine. 


An important advice. Be careful with the girls from Luhansk and Donetsk. You know Ukrainian cities where there are wars now. Many scammers use girl’s profiles and mention they are from those cities. Ask for financial help because of difficult situation. And make sure you never come to visit them because you live in a city where there are war and shooting every day.  


Good luck with your search.

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