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What will happen after the war is over


        Since Russians attacked Ukraine thousands of Ukrainian women immigrated to different European countries. Its impressive but most of women did not go anywhere. They have decided to stay in Ukraine till the end… the end of the war. As I said in my previous videos and articles, Ukrainian women are very loyal and faithful. They did not stay because Ukraine is the only country they would live in, they stayed because they want to help and fight for the freedom of their country. 

I keep connection with many Ukrainian women and they all say that they dont plan to run away anywhere. Even though many countries announced they welcome Ukrainian refugees. Anyone would think its an easy way to immigrate anywhere you want, anywhere in the world!!! But Ukrainian girls do not think so. They want to stay and help. This is the nature I told you about before! Stand till the end! Not care about privileges, money or benefits. Just selfless support and loyalty. 

When the war will be over Ukrainian girls will become even better wives and girlfriends! If you marry such girl you can tell everyone: “My wife survived the war! She was there and she helped” . Is not it cool? 

Unfortunately there will be even more single girls and women. For an obvious reason. Because so many Ukrainian men die every day for Ukraine. They give their lives for a better future of their mothers, sisters, children…

Its terrible but this is what’s happening. Matching field will have a lot of work finding good men for single Ukrainian girls. Because they deserve to be happy! Super happy! Super loved and Super cared for! Dont they?

I am sure most of women who left will come back to Ukraine. They will try to go back to a normal life. They will want love. And you will have a chance to give Ukrainian girl her best life. Not a rich life but full of love life! Where she can have a quiet healthy sleep and a happy day every day. 

Did you know that many women actually joined forces during the war? 


I am writing this article on a seventh day of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. And during this 7 days people became closer! People became so united and so friendly. Not only people in Ukraine but also people all around the world! 

A girl from Ukraine, Alla, has been running away from Ukraine to Poland, because she was scared and had a small child who she was worried the most about. She was a single mother and first thing she did, when the war began, she contacted her friends in Poland and asked for help. They arranged a transportation from Polish border to the city, where her friends lived. Nobody expected it but there were thousands of people on the border. People  had to queue for 2-3 days to cross the border. An absolutely stranger man said he will pick her up at the customs and bring her to the safety. This man, who was waiting for her to cross the border, had to wait for 2 days, to sleep in his car and eat at the gas station. But it did not matter to him how long he had to wait. He waited until she came out of the customs and became her hero!


I am sure there are many heroes for many Ukrainian ladies all around the world and God knows how many Ukrainian people were saved by kind foreigners, who gave them shelter, support, food or free transportation.

I want to say Thank You to every such hero in the world!! Lets be kind to each other! Of course there are also bad people in the world but this war showed that there are more of a good people on this Planet!

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