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How to marry Ukrainian girl

Why to marry Ukrainian girl?

Men all around the world going crazy about the idea to date and marry a girl from Ukraine. For most it remains a dream. Because its not as easy as it seem!  But I will tell you what to do to achieve this goal and make it reality!

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You have to follow 5 steps:

1. Pick a website for online dating.

2. Create a perfect profile to make them interested.

3. Make first move. 

4. Dont write about sex just yet.

5. Meet with her. 

Ok so NUMBER 1


You can always use a search engine such as Google or Yandex to look for the best websites. Such as or Pick a few and a register. Why a few? To choose which one you like most. What I suggest is to pay attention to girls profiles once you log in. Be aware if most of the profiles have only professional photos. I am pretty sure that those are catfishing. If you can see pretty much every day life photos in girls profiles then this is it! You should pay attention to this website. 



Now you should create your profile. I know what you r thinking (She ll probably say now that I have to take it serious and fill my profile with lots of useful info and post good quality photos) WRONG! I am not gonna say that. NOPE!  For all those years that I ve worked as a matchmaker I almost never seen perfect men profile. Bad quality photos or no photos at all, little bit info inside the profiles. Basic info is ok. Why? Because Not many people read that! Most prefer to just speak directly. You can write anything you want in your profile and post any photo you want, it may no be true. But when you start corresponding or chatting that’s when all the truth comes out. What’s important is that Ukrainian girls dont like lots of info right away. You should give them little by little. If you are a crazy one, dont give it away in first chat. Be cool and then start telling her your weird sides little by little. I remember one couple who started talking on one of those dating websites. She was a beautiful 22 year old Ukrainian girl and he was  a very serious 42 year old male from the USA. I swear if he would tell her everything about himself right away she would just block him. I knew him from his previous correspondences with other girls but I did not tell her anything about it. He wrote her a long letter about his childhood and then asked her some questions but he did not tell her that he had one weird habit. He liked to write down everything he planned to do during the day. It was a list where he would write almost in minutes where and what he would do. And if anything would go not according to his plan he would get really angry. Would you continue writing such person? Nope you would block him. Well he did not tell her this and they had 6 months of an amazing communication. They wrote hundreds of letters to each other and had really fun chats. Eventually she fell in love with him and I was lucky to be present during their first date. That’s when he showed her his list. She was a bit shocked but they talked about it and she said she was ok with him having one weird habit.  They ended up living together and maybe even being married by now? Who knows.

Another man had only photos of his face in his profile. Which I thought was weird. He started corresponding with a 24 years old Dasha and they had so much fun in chat. They would laugh and he was so funny! They were really sweet. After one year of talking she asked him if he would visit for a real date. He said he can’t. That was weird. She thought there were some work reasons or something but she decided to ask later again. After several more months she asked him again. That’s when he confessed that he was disabled. He could not walk and he was on a wheelchair. I know what you gonna say. He had to be honest with her from the very beginning! Maybe you are right but I think he had not. I am glad he kept it a secret. He gave her a chance to get to know him before he will tell her about his disability. She might have ran away if he told her in a very first letter. But after 1 and a half year when she knew his personality and felt something for him, I think that was love. Because she did not care anymore. Disabled or not- she loved that man for who he was. And it was beautiful!  

So you might think I am crazy but I strongly recommend to not open all your secrets right away! Give a little info. One photo, basic info, list few hobbies. Its enough! 



Ok now when your profile is ready make your first move!! You will probably want to write her a short letter? It will be better than just a HI. Seriously. 

I remember a girl once received a letter that was so long that she had to scroll it! He might have been some book author or something but it was too much for an intro letter! Once she saw the length of the letter she blocked the man. LOL Yeah in that matter a simple HI is ok. But if I was in your shoes I would write something like this: 


    “Hey there! I saw your profile and I thought you were one of the most beautiful girls on this website. So I even started having doubts that you are still single! Are you? We might have many things in common and I would like to get to know you. But please dont cheat on your man by writing to me if you are already in serous relations with someone. Hope to hear from you soon , if not, good luck with your man!”


Girls like such texts and compliments. Add some interesting info about yourself, like “I am an architect and I work on a design of my first building right now”.  Dont show off! Nobody likes that. Most of Ukrainian girls are down to earth. Due to a very simple life and some struggles during childhood, Ukrainian girls know how to be grateful for what they have. They dont ask a man how much he earns, because they know its not the main. They care about personality, of how well you will be getting along. They love kids and animals, please consider it. Of course I understand that not all girls are the same, not even all Ukrainian girls are the same, but most Ukrainian girls are like that. Thousands of girls went through me on interviews, those who dreamed of finding a man abroad. Why not a man from Ukraine? Good question! The thing is…that Ukrainian men take their women for granted. Most of them prefer to just sit on their woman’s shoulders while she is being a cook and a hostess and a money earner for him.She will be taking care of their children and keep their home clean and warm. You will ask what do men do? NOTHING! Oh no, one thing they will do- Drink. There are good men too in Ukraine but most of them are already married or in serious relationships. Due to the dangerous situation in Ukraine many good men go to military and unfortunately some never come back. So it means there are many women in Ukraine and not so many men. This is why more and more Ukrainian girls go to dating agencies and ask for help. 




I know you might want to start an intimate conversation very soon or even right away. Believe me, you dont want to do it. It will put you to the list of “perverts” right away. Yeah, girls consider such men as perverts and they dont believe a man, who begins conversations with a sex topic, can be ready for serious relationships. You can speak about sex later, once you get to know each other well. You can discuss your “bed preferences” and be open about small details. But first you have to feel relaxed with each other. Be able to speak about most personal things. Try speaking about childhood first and if she will be open about some very personal stories with you, then you are probably ready to speak about sex, little by little. 

What is important- NEVER SEND NUDES! Never! Not only its dangerous that your nude photos will serf the Internet, and you do know one rule “what got into Internet will never leave Internet”, but also because you will lose her interest once you show her all of it. I strongly suggest you to keep your private body parts in secret until you actually meet and have your first night together. So she will see it all face to….other parts :) After that if there will be distance between you again, you might share pictures, since you have already seen each other in all pristine beauty.

There was a girl, who was looking for a man online, she did not have any limits, so I thought. So once I find out she broke the rules and sent a nude photo in chat I was not surprised. Usually girls, who were breaking the rules, were deleted or banned on the website, but this time she was given second chance, she got lucky. I decided to ask her why did she do it. Funny thing, she said she was convinced that its impossible to make a man fall in love with a woman without sexual context. She said once she sends nude or half nude photo a man gets real interest in her and that’s what she wanted. Why did she think so? I am not sure but I think men would get another message out of it.




If you did not manage to meet with a girl after a year of correspondence 99% she is not real or she is not serious. She is foolling you and you should finish this as soon as possible!

Of course some people might even meet with you to fool you even more but its a different story. If a girl you are talking online to, always finds excuses to not meet with you - be careful! She may not be real! Make her meet with you! If she still won’t- finish this. I am serious! You can find many excuses for her and believe in her fairy tale stories but it will be easier to just rip off this patch!  

On the other hand, if its you, who takes a really long time to meet with her, be careful! She won’t wait for you forever! She will meet someone else and it will be over. So dont take too much time before meeting with her, dont be too fast too. You might scare her. I suggest it to be after 6 to 8 months. Maximum a year! It will let you get to know each other really well, trust each other and have an amazing first date! What an adventure!!



Now lets see what we got here:


If you have a goal to marry a girl from Ukraine- you have to be rational, careful, romantic and clever. Ukrainian girl can be a real reward for a loving, romantic man, but it can be a big mistake if you will be rushing into this. Good things take time! 

Google some website to join and start your journey! 


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