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5 Ways to make Ukrainian girl to fall in love with you

You have probably seen the latest news already and you know that Ukrainian girls have risen to the very top in the list of the most desirable fiancees in the world. And not only because of their patriotism, but also because of the fortitude that they showed. Despite the danger of the situation in Ukraine, Ukrainian girls remain to defend their cities, their homes. Although they have the opportunity to go to any country in Europe and be safe. 

I think that even this fact already deserves great respect. But there are also other facts.

Many Ukrainian girls went to the front to fight for Ukraine. Many doctors and nurses are in combat areas helping Ukrainian soldiers.

Women defend their countries as best they can. They say that in one village, old women beat the Russian occupant with rolling pins for dough. In my opinion, these women are not afraid of anything at all!

So I will give you a good advice. If you are a bad man, avoid Ukrainian girls. Because they might punish you for being bad. Those girls will not let anyone disrespect them. Anymore!

You probably want to know how to win the heart of such an enviable bride? I will try to help you with this. How I might know this? Its simple, the reason I know all of it is because I am Ukrainian.




Become her hero. Most of Ukrainian girls are super beautiful! And they often receive some nasty offers. Its offensive. Girls are not products that can be bought. If you will show them the attitude of a buyer you will receive only things you can buy from her. You can not have her heart and her love. 

But if you want to have her love you with all her heart you better be more modest, a real gentleman and a good listener. Show her that you care about her. Bring her flowers for your first date. Ask her about her family, about her life. Hear her out. Do a selfless act. Be her friend. Don't ask for anything in return. Don't tell her she's not grateful enough or that she should jump into your bed because you gave her an expensive dinner. Better not treat her to an expensive dinner if you expect something in return. Treat her to a regular dinner. Don't give her expensive gifts just yet. Make sure that she is not interested in you because of gifts and expensive dinners. Make sure she's interested in you because you're a good person. Be there when she needs someone to talk to, get support. Her problems may seem like sheer stupidity to you. But you don’t tell her this, imbued with her problem, as if it were really something important.




Don't create pressure!

Fresh relationships are like sewer pipes just installed. If you immediately turn on the water to the fullest, it can break the pipes and everything will burst like a soap bubble, and most likely you will be very hurt by the fragments of these pipes.

Be careful! Water needs to be released little by little. First, check for leaks, make sure everything works as it should. Then give a little more pressure, check again that nothing leaks. And then turn the water on full. But if you see at least some kind of leak, it is better to immediately turn off the water and double-check the entire system.

Girls don't like being pressured. When a man tries to accelerate the development of relations, pushes for some kind of action. Isn't it better when things go their way? When she wants to be around? When she herself wants to take your hand or kiss you?

Observations have proven that a girl wants to get closer to a man more if he does not show her that he wants it. I mean, when a man does not try to kiss, hug or even hold hands. But at the same time he is a real gentleman, imbued with the life of his companion and tells her that he likes her.

Make her want to be kissed by you after you ignore a few of those possibilities.





There is another way to make a Ukrainian girl fall in love with you. This secret is not known to many and very few even thought about it, but it works! Why doesn't this work with all girls? Because many girls living in Europe or America or Canada can afford so much, let's say, life spoils them. But life certainly does not spoil girls from Ukraine. Therefore, you can use the "Dream come true" method to win the heart of a Ukrainian girl.

What are the dreams of girls from Ukraine? Most often it is TRAVELING:


- To see the Eiffel Tower

- To see the sea

- To walk across the bridge in Prague

- To ride the Ferris wheel in London


Things like like this. Things that may not seem too difficult to make them come true but for Ukrainian girls those dreams are almost unreachable. 

Once I got to see a couple, who were friends, and he was taking a really great care of her. But she was accepting him only as a friend. He did not put any pressure on her and was there when she needed him, to talk or to video chat. He knew that she had a dream to see the Eiffel Tower and he decided to make her dream come true. There is no doubt that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. And guess what? They fell in love during that trip. 

So I guarantee that this way is effective. 





Do you want to know one of the most effective ways?  I bet you do! This method works 99% of the time.

Are you ready? Ok. 

One of the most effective ways is- To get along with her mother!!! I hope that mothers like you! Because its genius!!! Mothers have huge influence on their daughters. Their advice is usually life-changing for their daughters. 

If you manage to get to know her mother and develop a warm relationship with her. Her daughter will truly fall in love with you! She won't even notice how it will happen!

Many girls say that the opinion of their mothers does not influence their decisions in any way - but this is not entirely true. Consciously or not, she will still try to act in a way that would please her mother. Even if there are language differences between you and her mother it is still possible! I saw this happened.

When a girl met a man online and they started communicating but she did not accept him as a man, more as a friend, he asked her if she would introduce him to her mother, as a friend. He had a plan! He knew this way and wanted to use it. She did not mind to introduce him as a friend to her mother. He got her mothers contact too and they were corresponding as well. Using translator or whatever. Eventually her mother started telling her daughter how blind she is not noticing such a good man who is with her no matter what. She suggested her just to look closer and at least think of a possibility of dating him. That’s exactly what she did and she truly fell in love with him.



Ok now a 100% effective way! I kept it for a dessert because I personally think its the best one! Get into her hobbies! You should find out what her passion is! Every girl has a passion: music, art, make up, reading…etc. Getting interested in her hobby is the most effective way into her heart! And I am not saying about just asking her about her hobbies, I am saying about TAKING PART in it!!! For example if she is into volleyball offer her to play together. If she is into reading, offer her to read some book together. If she is into make up, ask her to make one for you, just for fun! Can you imagine how much you will bond during this activities?? Its an incredible way of bonding!! You can be with her in any hobby!! If she likes music offer her to create a song together!  There are no “too girly” hobbies. I am sure you can get involved in any of it. If you can’t see how you can get involved in her hobby  message me. I will help you!




This are 5 ways to make Ukrainian girl to fall in love with you. All this methods were tested by me during my matchmaking experience. They work in 90 to 100% times!  I hope it helps you to win a heart of your Ukrainian princess! Good luck


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